Welcome to the Mitchell Point Owners' Association website. From it's founding in 1974, this private neighborhood continues to prove itself as one of the most desirable and beautiful in the world. All of us have chosen this destination due to the beauty of San Juan Island, the views of the Olympic Mountain range and Vancouver Island, as well as the charm of living on a one lane road in a forest of Firs and Madronas alongside the Salish Sea.
The MPOA website is intended to play a valuable communication role within our membership.  As such, we want the website to be a safe and healthy environment for everyone.  In order to achieve that, we are initially restricting communications to be two-way between individual users and the Board (and/or its committees).  Ultimately, we hope to open up the platform to enable communication between all members.  To ensure that abuse does not take place on the website, the Board (including the administrators of the website) will have the ability to moderate or delete messages, as well as to suspend or ban users who violate our policies. Specifically, website users must:
  • Respect one another.  Do not harass others or participate in any harassment.  Do not use hateful speech or behave in a hateful manner.  Do not threaten anyone.
  • Be honest.  Do not create or share false or misleading information about each other.  Stay factual and do not attribute intentions to any other member.
  • Be helpful and relevant.  The website is intended to share information of value to all our members.  Don’t fill your communications with spam and other irrelevant information.
  • Not publish or otherwise abuse personal data.  The information that members provide about themselves is theirs. Do not share anyone’s personal data with anyone without their permission.
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